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JDN Accountants is a practice of professional accountants for companies accounts.


Using our expertise in taxation and accountancy, we can help you to manage the books…


When trying to take on any CIS claims and refunds, you likely found that getting back….


For anyone who runs a corporation, one of the most challenging parts ….

Areas of expertise

Company Formation, End to end bookkeeping, Payroll Services, Auto enrollment and workplace, pensions, Year-end accounts, Self-assessment tax returns, Hassle free switching, Budgeting and forecasting, Business bank accounts, Access to Funding.

Company formation

The legal structure you choose for your business will define your legal responsibilities including:  The taxes you will have to pay, How you can take any profit from your business.

End to end bookkeeping

The amount of time a growing business spends on bookkeeping, posting financial transactions and reconciling the bank account, is often a cause of frustration.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services are designed specifically for the small business to help keep things simple and affordable.

Year-end accounts

The process of preparing and filing annual accounts with Companies House and HMRC respectively, sends a shiver down the spine of many small business owners.

Self-assessment tax returns

For employees, this tax is usually deducted automatically from wages, pensions and savings, but those who are self-employed need to fill in a tax return.

Budgeting and forecasting

Financial forecasting helps to ensure you make the spending and strategic decisions that will shape the future progress and financial health of your business.